Viewport Transparency

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I'd like to bring up an issue with the 3D viewport, and the way it handles transparency.

Whenever I bring in a texture that has some form of transparency, be it all over like a sheer fabric, or only in certain spots like images of buttons or other accessoires, the entire image will have a level of transparency, even on the non-transparent bits. This means that I will see the avatar even through the non-transparent parts. 

A very clear example of this is hair for avatars. I've been making my own avatars and the hair always looks horrible because of this. I know it is possible to display transparency correctly in the viewport as I have no issues with this is programs like Autodesk maya, where I am making my avatars.

Since I think that this display of transparency could also benefit a lot of sheer fabrics, lace, accessoiries,etc, I wonder if it could be possible to create a better way of handeling transparency, possible though a display mode or material type?

The hair in Clo:

The exact same hair in Maya:

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