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Armhole or Hip Scale?


  • pabloquintana

    Hello Pranavlodha. I use CLO and PAD System for CAD patterns. I don't think there is a scale or french curves available in any of the CAD software. You do have some options:

    1. Use the basic blocks provided in CLO in MODULAR MODE and modify from there. You can save your own custom blocks to re-use. Check the link.

    2. Import an image with the curves you want to have in CLO and place it on top of a piece of pattern. Then trace and save them as blocks or garment file (Zpac) which you can import into other projects. Check this video:

    3.Import a pattern in DXF-AAMA, DXF-ASTM, AI or PDF format.

    At the end, after many patterns, you will be able to create the curves by hand using the Curve tool, and apply the exact measurements at the required points.

    Happy CLO'ing.




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