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I would like to create a kid in size 140 in clo 3d with the Avatr editor. Your software reveres me to use the verion 4.2. I did create an avatar with the right measurements but it looks wierd. Feet are too small, and the belly is hanging. Also I can not make the hair fit to the new sized head.I would at least like to change the size of the feet.
Thank you!


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Hello kkuhle. In the meantime someone explains how to fix the issue you have, let me share what I generally do with avatars.

There are other options:

1. Alvanon avatars with standard sizes for the fashion industry. You'll have buy them though.

2. DAZ 3D avatars. DAZ is more a charachter generator for the gaming industry, so do not expect standard fashion sizes. You can still get what you need if play around with the software and get some of their measurements add-ons.

3. Check this post. Is deeper than what you might need not, but is good to know these are available options:



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Hey, one quick comment :)

We will be adding one Kids avatar in CLO 5.1 which you can edit its height in the range of 110~160. This avatar should show better body shape!

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