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Hi there~


I'd like to check whether if CLO program has certification or not. (Some people say that CLO has only contest to prove user's technique.)

As you know, recently 3D CLO is very big part of fashion industry. Therefore, I believe that I might can get extra points when I get a job abroad if I have a CLO certification. 

So I'm curious if there's a way to get a CLO certification in South Korea. and also would like to know if there's an institution to get CLO certification after graduatoin.    


Thank you for your reading and will look forward the feedbacks  Thank you!!



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Hey guys! We do not have a course for certification yet, but our designers are considering that for the future (nothing is set, however).

In Korea, there're basic courses offered by private institutions such as C Fashion Pattern School (씨앗패션패턴스쿨) but they do not issue certificates :( 

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