Straggling with the denim texture

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Hello experts,

I am straggling with the denim texture. Creative lab suggest me the 2000X2000 px size for render. After render i am not getting better denim texture. my buyer want to see the details of denim texture.

i scanned the original fabric with basic scanner. may be here i lost some fabric quality. Did you suggest anything which can be protect my original texture

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I actually do not see anything bad with the render. It does look a little flat and without detail which I'll give some suggestions below on how to remedy the flatness.

Denim has that really random texture based on how it was woven together. If you are needing a more detailed texture other than the image/color map you might need to add a normal map into the mix. Normal maps give the illusion of depth on the texture based on the angle and distance of the 3D camera. 

The Clo Manual explains how to apply a normal map.

I would suggest for the easiest way to create the necessary texture maps to use Substance Designer as it helps you get excellent texture maps for physically based rendering to make your virtual cloth look as real as possible.

It all starts at getting the best possible scan/photo of your fabric. If you are not able to get the required quality in your original scan you could use a digital camera or modern smartphone in combination with Substance Designer. Here is a tutorial on how to build a fabric texture from a smartphone photo:

If you need something higher quality fabric scanners are expensive for one off scans. I would suggest if you are located in the United States or if in Europe as they will scan your fabric samples. Mura doesn't list their cost as they quote based on your individual requirements but Vizoo does. I personally wouldn't do this option unless it is the last resort.

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