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Garments sticking together and not overlapping


  • lbasic

    I've attached an image of the situation, many thanks!

  • pabloquintana

    Hello lbasic. I see you are using layers on the pant, or is a mere coincidence your trousers are yellow-green in color (like when something is set to Layer 1).

    In this case, if you want the T-Shirt to be on top of the trousers, I would deactivate the T-Shirt first, work the trousers until I'm happy with it. Freeze the trousers, activate the T-Shirt and make it Layer 1. Simulate and try to get the T-Shirt conforming around the trousers.

    When I'm happy with the result, return T-Shirt to Layer 0, un-freeze the trousers and let it simulate for a couple seconds. Also use a large particle number at first and start decreasing in steps.

    Please share your result for the benefit of the community.



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