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Need help with Choosing Specs cause the recommendations are not enough information


  • pinarer

    Actually after i contacted with 5 PC building companies,i  finally just get in touch with a XIDAX pc and they helped me with everything.. So this is solved :) but again thanks alot with the reply.. it was a very stressful 2 weeks.. but finally i am getting a PC :)

  • brockrogers

    Get your PC built by someone else. The information on the specs page is plenty and whoever is building your PC should just make a competent decision on these questions instead of asking you to specify it. Imagine if you paid someone to dig a hole and they ask you what kind of shovel they should use - ridiculous.

    To answer your specific questions:

    You definitely don't need liquid cooling.

    The motherboard should be a model that supports the parts you will be putting into it, with a bit of expansion room, from a reputable brand.

    Yes a computer needs fans.

    The required wattage for the power supply depends mostly on which CPU and GPU you're using. For an i7 and GTX1080 I would recommend 600w. You can probably get away with a bit less but it hardly makes a difference in price.

    But again, if you're paying someone to build your computer, it's their job to figure this out.

  • pinarer

    Hi @Brockrogers, thanks alot for the reply.  And explanations.. Appreciated! The thing is the company CyberPowerPC don't build the PC for the  customer. They just offer many systems , when i gave them the requirements to them they directed me the most closest system that they offer but then customers needs to customize from that.. They told me check the GAMER Infinity XLS and customize from there with your needs. But when you check the listing so many informations to choose from. So that's why i have been so confused. Because  looks like this computer is for more Gaming, so probably i might  not need many of the functions but when i am not a knowledgeable person with tech parts, it makes it difficult to choose from. Like on the forum of cyberpowerpc, some said i need a liquid cooling but i would believe you more that i don't need a liquid cooling because you use clo3d.  

    They offer i7 with 8 cores , not 4 cores. but i think that should be fine..  Also I might get 2070 or 2080,  but i wasn't sure.. do you think is there a huge difference with 1080? or is 1080 would be more than enough? 



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