How to Make Hair Created in 3D Modelling Software to be Compatible with CLO Avatars

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I brought you a very detailed guide on how to use hair created in other 3D modelling software with CLO Avatars! 

**Caution: It is very long!!** 

Hope its helpful! :) 


Hair Modelling

  • Model hair in a third party 3D modelling software.
  • Export the hair according to below specification
    1. File format: Open Collada
    2. Set the at Y-up (Y-axis)
      1. As CLO’s axis is the same as Maya’s, you can load the hair with default axis when the file is exported from Maya.
    3. Name of the hair needs to be hair


Creating Hair ZACS File

  • Open an Avatar (.avt) file which will be compatible with your custom hair
    1. CLO > Library Window > Avatar.
  • Hit Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T on the keyboard.
    > The Accessory Maker pop-up window appears.

  • Select Hair from the Category
  • Select the Avatar ID which will be compatible with the custom hair.
    All unselected Avatars won’t be compatible with the hair.

<Reference to Avatar ID>

001: Female_B

002: Male_B

003: Female_A

004: Male_A

005: Kid_A

008: COLE

009: MASON


011: ZOE


  • Load the Open Collada file you created beforehand.
  • Toggle ON Skin Texture if you want to change its texture.
    1. The name of the texture must include the word: “face”
  • Load a thumbnail image to appear in the Library Window
  • If a Mapping data is not used, type in any data.
  • Select Make
    > A file save dialogue opens.
  • Type in the file name and designate the saving path.
    > The ZACS file is saved
    > The Complete pop-up window appears when it is saved.
  • Close both Complete and Accessory Maker pop-up window.


Checking Hair ZACS File

  • Check with the default pose
    • Load the Avatar file compatible with the custom hair.
      Select the ones you checked when creating the hair.
    • Load the ZACS file created before
      > Check if the hair loads properly.


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@vadsura, I'm sorry for the confusion. I have edited the manual.

However, yes, in terms of the file format, both hair and shoes have the same file format: ZACS

Thanks :)

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if that does not worl let me know what format to convert it too and ill do it I just need help getting that hair for my avatar B and maybe even A if possible Thank you so much for helping me 

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Hello Havanha did you get the hair to work and its a guy hair bun just so you know if you have can you send me the file or load it here I could not get it to work thanks 

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how did you get that far ? @erica any help to offer with this issue were you able to get it sorted out anyone have a man bun willing to share for avatar B male ??? 

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