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Clo3D Model transfer pipeline


  • vdvontwerp

    Hello! I have no solution for your issues, but we are dealing with the same challenges. Exporting as .obj and then making GLB/GLT => would be great, but we are now needing a workaround for fixing transparency issues, visualization of specular/roughness,... Hang in there! Lien


  • maoljea2005

    Hello there ! :-)

    This is a very interesting post,

    and I'm looking for the process to export Clo3D files to .glb format, do you have any solution for this process ?

    Thanks for your answer

  • drudgls

    Hi there, is there an update on this? Shopify now supports 3D models and their help file says that the file type to use if GLB so thought I'd jump in and see if there was support for this?

  • vdvontwerp

    Seeing that the new Clo update has an 'gltf/glb' export option is exciting! I just tried them out- there seems to be some issues regarding texture orientation, scaling and transparency... Has anyone tried it out with good results?


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