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Good morning!
I would like to know if I use a DXF pattern that I do in Lectra, to do the simulation, does it have to be a pattern with seam or seamless? It is not clear to me if we sew just outside the pattern or sew with sewing.
And once we have a definite pattern in clo, then we have to add the stitching before printing it on the plotter?

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In CLO, the sewing parts of patterns are the pattern outlines excluding the seam allowances. However, that does not mean that you cannot add seam allowances when drafting patterns in Lectra since we have an option called Swap Cutting Line and Sewing Line which redefines imported patterns instantly usable in CLO. In fact, below image shows a rectangle pattern with  seam allowances imported to CLO. As you see the seam allowances are converted as baselines in CLO so users can use the pattern outlines for sewing. 

Regarding to your last question, you do not have to add stitching before printing it on the plotter. However, I may don't know the underlying assumption to your question. Would you be able to illustrate in which cases you think the patterns may need to be stitched before plotting?

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