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Flattening - Seam Lengths


  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi @rjbtsim

    Unfortunately, there's no option to fix dimension :( However, our main developer is aware of this issue and will improve in the future. 

  • dorelle22

    Hi @rjbtsim

    I experience the same thing. There is a way to change the seam length. It has to be a precise movement and the 2D part of Clo3d has not caught up to the robust 3D sections.

    I can suggest using the 2D grid to align the 2 pieces you want to match and use the Change length option/tool selecting both directions (this menu comes up when you right click on a line)

    This way you can ensure the line length is correct. However, matching the seam shape after flattening tool will be better handled in a separate 2D program that has more linear control and more point control.

    I think this is a good opportunity for Clo3D to add shape points to flat garment pieces that can lock shape once points are deleted before sewing. Hope this helps. If you need pics I will provide.


  • rjbtsim

    Hi @ Erica

    Is there any timeline for when this feature maybe available within the software?

  • Permanently deleted user

    @ribtsim, unfortunately, we do not have the fixed timeline for this improvement yet.. :(

    I will keep you guys updated when we decided on the timeline... sorry about the disappointment.

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