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Help if 4.2 is crashing - see this


  • vadsura


    The 940M offers 384 shader units as well as 2 GB of DDR3 memory (64 bit, 2000 MHz effective).

    This is the most basic level of the graphics adapter in the 900 line.
    I'm very surprised that it can support a 4k display. Do you use an external display, or is it the screen of your laptop?.
    You did it right, lowering the screen resolution to 1920X1080.
    You can reduce antialiasing to X2. Then your video card will work comfortably.
    It is clear that rendering the GPU may not work either. A very small amount of video memory. Use CPU renders.
    Good luck.

  • vadsura

    Sorry, I was wrong. In this line of mobile video adapters, there are worse 910 series. From this, nothing changes. The video adapter is the weakest link in your system.

  • vadsura

    Note that the higher the last 2 digits in the notation, the better.
    Look towards 970-980. Or more modern 1070-1080-1080ti or the novelty of this autumn(fall for amer.) 2070-2080-2080ti

  • Lea

    @dorelle22 @vadsura 

    Hi all!

    vadsura is right! I've shared this issue with our developer and he also thinks it's hard to afford that much resources with 940m :)

    Thank you so much for your post and comments, @vadsura, @dorelle22!!

    Best, Lea.


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