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CLO x Mixamo - A Basic Guide 💪👌✨🆒


  • Official comment

    (1) FIX --- If it is not possible to check scale or fix orientation of your avatar, use CLO to set up your OBJ


    1. Open the OBJ in CLO

    • If it is not possible to set up the scale and orientation of the model correctly in another software, save it as an OBJ and import it into CLO.
    • File > Import > OBJ > Select OBJ from file explorer
    • Object Type: Load as Avatar
    • Scale: Use Auto Scale


    2. Move and rotate the model as needed until it is in the correct orientation


    3. Export the corrected model as an OBJ

    • File > Export > OBJ > Save
    • Object: Multiple Objects
    • Use Unified UV Coordinates (Uncheck Unified Texture)
    • Scale: CM << This is super important. If the rigged Avatar you're getting from Mixamo isn't scaling correctly, then you must save the original OBJ in CM and export in CM.
    • File: Save with Texture Files (ZIP) if model is textured. Otherwise, uncheck all.
  • Nathalie Chavanne

    Hi everyone!

    I tried to export in latest version 5.1 the avatar kid "Nevaeh" in *.OBJ format zipped (options: Single Object/Unweld/ mm/ Save with Texture Files) but Mixamo could not download the zipped file.

    I tried in FBX and several other options but could not succeed. The program says it cannot read the rigging.

    On one avatar inserted as fbx  ("Milo"), I could get the file read but:

    1. I could not get the textures
    2. The uploaded file is not in high mesh quality anymore
    3. I could not use previous poses made in regards of the avatar (because rigging was built in Mixamo and was not corresponding anymore to the ones made in Clo)

    So my questions are the following :

    1. Do you have any other specific settings that could work?
    2. Do you know if Clo is going to make developments so the exported avatars will be compatible with Mixamo?
    3. Is there going to be motions made regarding the kids?

    I know that's a lot of questions :) ! Thanks and kind regards

  • danielemanassero

    Hi dorell22, I'm just starting with Mixamo.
    In my first attempt <I exported the avatar as obj and it come out with no skin. 
    Then I tried to change the export obj setup in Clo and it worked.

    Now you have to upload the avatar in Mixamo as .zip file.
    The problem comes when I imported the avatar back into Clo as fbx with an animation.
    They said to save the starting position on the animation as a pose.
    I did that, but when I try to change from t position to the new I just save I get the message: no matching avatar.
    So I'm unable to use the animation exported from mixamo.
    The animation is also just 30 second long. 

  • Permanently deleted user

    What a great tip!!!

  • jeanjaulhiac

    Hey Anh! 

    Thank you for this tutorial ! :-)

    Would you know of a good export format to export the animation into Modo? 

    I tried FBX for the avatar motion, and associated the garment motion with a MDD, but the 2 motions are not synchronised!

    Thanks in advance for your help, 


    Jean from Adi

  • closure

    Hi @jeanjaulhiac!

    Have you tried exporting as an Alembic file? Curious if that makes any difference!


  • gaetan

    Hi @closure,

    It seems there is a defect on, at least Mac version, exporting Alembic.

    It simply doesn't work. No success in exporting an .abc file. On 10 tries I got 1 file, and it was impossible to open it in Modo and Blender.

  • anhle


    You're correct. Macs don't have great compatibility with Alembic files so we only have Alembic export on PCs. 

  • nathalie17


    I loose my textures when I import the avatar in CLO?? Avatar was rigged with Mixamo. 


    What am I doing wrong? 

    This is the original one

  • anhle

    Hi nathalie17,

    Are the texture files themselves TIFFs or PNG 8 bits? CLO doesn't support Alpha maps, so you may have to convert your texture images to PNG-24 or JPGs.

  • nathalie17

    hi Anh,


    they are all .png ? I added them hereI added them here

  • dorelle22

    MY avatar come out with no skin in Mixamo - can you tell me which setting is wrong for my OBJ

  • peresz

    I want to create a 3d runway show. I made a set of clothing on an avatar, then uploaded that avatar (bare) in Maxamo, got it rigged and downloaded it as FBX file. If i import it to my existing clothed avatar, it messes up the clothing to the point that I have to re-saw it. How do I just import the pose and have clothing from an umposed avatar get updated? I just dont get this part:

    1. Open the animation file in CLO (File > Import > FBX). Auto-scale currently isn't reliable, so use the scale of your original OBJ. Save this file as a pose. You need a way to transition your garment from T-pose to the animation starting pose, so this is your transition.
    2. Open the completed garment file again. Change the Avatar's pose to the starting animation pose (with Simulation on).
    3. With Simulation off, open the FBX animation file from Mixamo again. This FBX will replace the Avatar in your project file. If you set it up correctly, it will appear in the same place and your garments won't start falling off or colliding.

    Can someone do a more clear step by step? FYI im total noob to CLO so learning it as I go. 

  • dorelle22

    Hi Peresz

    I have been ther and done this... very frustrating but have hope... I made this video LMK if it helps

  • mhavzhv

    when i import my animation on the avatar the pop up window say me no matching avatar please help me advance more thank u 


  • krant

    Hey everyone, I know this is old but maybe just reading it from another person will make something click for you, who knows. 

    Export the default avatar in the scene. Upload this to Mixamo and download first the T-pose (type it in the search bar.)

    I went back to Mixamo and downloaded animations using the same character that I already uploaded and selected another animation. My export setting were FPS 30, FBX 2019.Binary.fbx, no keyframe reduction, with skin. 

    Import first the T Pose from Mixamo and go to file-save-avatar. 

    After that, import FBX again, and save the other animation as a pose again by going to file-save-pose. 

    So I had some trouble figuring out the animation but what I think is happening, you need to capture separate animations, export them out and assemble them in another program. I have no idea how to stack animations in CLO or MD.

    So what I did, (after placing and saving the T pose and animation) 

    Put your avatar back on the original T pose.

    When you click on these avatars and poses you'll get a window that says Joint information, I always select Pose & Joint translation (not the default.)  

    In order to first get your transition between the T Pose and animation, first record by clicking on animation tab. From here your avatar should be in T pose. Next click the walking pose. Simulate and hit the record. It should record your transition.

    Simulation off, select the walking pose, turn on simulation, hit record. This should record a transition and garment animation in the timeline. Go to animation tab at the top window and select "go to start."

    I am exporting this transition at this point as an FBX, I'm bringing it into another program from here. 

    Go back the your simulation screen, and assign the avatar the animation pose (Even though I have it saved under pose, when I go back a second time, my avatar would not change to that pose, If this happens import FBX again and it should work fine.)

    Adjust your garment. Go back to the animation window. Your timeline says, now instead of transition. Simulate and hit record. 





  • mariammchi

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my trousers when animating, the legs of the trousers are touching each other and disturbing it. What should I do?

  • CLO Designers

    Hi mariammchi

    When you are recording your animation what are all of the settings you are using? Offset on garment and Avatar? Particle Distance?

    We have a video HERE that has the recommended settings for animation

  • mariammchi

     I have all settings as mentioned in the guide above, thats why I was wondering. I will watch the video thanks! 

  • katherineabsher

    Hi, I tried to follow these instructions and the animation works once I import back into CLO from Mixamo, but when I try to move the avatar back into A pose to match up the arrangement points, the joints either don't move or take the flesh with them...very strange. It seems that the avatars from CLO are already rigged, but once the rigged avatar gets back into CLO from mixamo, the joints don't work any more. Any fixes?

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