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  • Permanently deleted user

    @parth123, it seems like the access is denied for the link!


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  • danielemanassero

    Hi @parth123,
    I can attach any file at this moment because I'm not at work in this days.
    I'm going to expose my idea in words.
    Try to draw diagonal internal lines on the border where it's supposed to fold, applied a fold value of 0 and a particular distance of 5.
    Now arrange the border around the neck of the avatar, fold the border in the middle and strengthen.
    Maybe could be helpful to break the border attachment lines,( outside and inside ) according to the internal diagonal lines, and sew together each segment following the right path.
    I think this could constrain the border to stay in the right position.

    Simulate and unstrengthen.

    I hope this works.
    Hey @erica what do you think of my idea?


  • Permanently deleted user

    @danielemanassero! Thanks for sharing your idea! You are almost there :)

    Here are my additional steps:

    (Please first create the knit neckline binding first.)

    1. draw V shaped internal lines on the neck binding pattern. Make sure the center vertices of the triangles are aligned. 

    2. Sew the internal lines and apply Elastic (Ratio:70) to all V shaped internal lines.

    3. Then, delete the internal line crossing the neck binding pattern for more natural drape.

    4. Simulate

    5. Then, use the Steam tool to press down the top half of the binding pattern.

    6. Simulate again.

    (For better drape, decrease the particle distance to 3~5 as needed)




  • Parth Batra

    Thank you so much  @danielemanassero  and @erica.  You guys were of great help.

    I have followed your steps and  band visual came out exactly how you have shared. 

  • geniusbutton

    Hi there, 

    I can also share a principle which I use - just adjust the pattern of the neck tape a bit - as it would be done in real life. Here the only problem is that to achieve these nice and smooth folds, need to bring particle distance down to 1 - otherwise the triangles will be seen for some reason, even if the particle distance is 5. I also would decrease Thickness Collision to 1 for the collar, as well as I would adjust the Physical Properties - decrease the bending values and stretch value for Shear. 

  • danielemanassero

    Thanks, @Erica for your example, the only wrong thing is the shape of the border. in real life is made has @geniusbutton did it.
    It's, for this reason, I suggested to draw diagonal lines (Parallel to the sides of the border ) 
    @geniusbutton made it easy and it worked! Best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A new motto for Clo " If exists, can be done better with Clo3d"


  • Permanently deleted user


    Thanks for your feedback! I shall try out what @geniusbutton suggested :) I'm just so happy to learn new tricks here in the community!

  • Parth Batra


    Thanks for introducing a new method of making it, I tried  following this method and folds look so smooth and  natural . 

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