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How to convert fabric weight to density in CLO


  • Permanently deleted user

    @lourieclo, there are calculated by our Emulator, so unsure if there is one formula to do that :(

    But, I will look into this and let you know!

  • lourieclo

    Thank you so much as always, Erica. :) It would be great if there is a formula we can use outside of the emulator. I need this one info to complete my project. Need to have 271gm/2 in my fabric. I hope we can have an answer soon! :)

  • geniusbutton

    Hi lourieclo,

    If you click on that little triangle you can input the weight in g/m2 and the coefficient will be calculated automatically.

    Good luck with your project! :)

  • lourieclo

    @geniusbutton Thank you so much!!!!

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