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  • Official comment
    CLO Designers

    Hi hanshuttingrocva, sorry you are having an issue.This is a Mac error. Reference this article for the solution.

  • Lea


    Hi! May I ask how you downloaded the trial version? Did you click the 'TRIAL DOWNLOAD' button? Please refer to the picture below!

  • obuzi

    same problem here...


    It is downloaded, but now it asks for ID and Password ??

  • Permanently deleted user

    @obuzi, the ID and Password for the trial is  the same with website login credential which you created to download the trial.

    The only different thing is that the trial ID is not the email address, its the CLO ID.


  • fiffilter

    How do i get my CLO ID


  • Permanently deleted user

    @fiffilter, please check out the previous comment :)

  • califontes

    same problem, downloaded, instaled, but when i try to exe it gets frozen just after i put my id and pass

    help, thaks

  • Lea

    Hi, @califontes 

    This post was written a few months ago so it's hard to see the same issue since you are using a different version with the other users above!

    I've shared this issue with our Dev team and they are figuring out this issue, I'll let you know ASAP.

    Best, Lea.

  • Lea
    Hi @califontes,
    I'm really sorry for the delay! Would you please check the list below and let me know which step you were in?

    1. Was the installation program successfully downloaded? If you receive an error message while downloading the installer, please send us an error message.
    2. Was the installation completed successfully? If not, please send an error message during installation.
    3. Does the login window appear after launching the installed CLO? If not, please send us a screenshot of the error message.
    4. In the login window, have you tried logging in after filling in the ID and PW you used to join

    5. If the login fails, do you get an error message? If so, please send us an error message.

    Additionally, any detailed information would be very helpful for a better investigation.
    Best, Lea
  • mumu

    try entering your clo id in caps lock

  • dgrubbs


    my issue is I have downloaded the trial version but when I try to activate the program i get a message:  CLO_Standalong_OnlineAuth can't be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.

    Can you help?



  • hanshuttingrocva

    When installing the trail I get this notification. The software can't be installed and need to be updated...

  • lyniederberger

    I can not install my free trial version and get only error messages

    can you help me pleas?

  • CLO Designers

    lyniederberger We have opened a ticket for your query, please check your email inbox.

  • paragonltd


    my free trail downloaded file is not working. Any suggestion ?

    thank you 

  • CLO Designers

    Hi again

    The error you received is most likely due to a drive on your computer not being up to date. Take a look at this page HERE which has all of our recommended Computer Specs and this article HERE that speaks to reasons you may be seeing the error message

    Also, Since you previously mentioned a corporate account I recommend you reach out to us HERE. This will put you in contact with your areas Business Team and they will be able to assist you Directly. Please note that the use of a Free Trial is for Individual Users ONLY and downloading as a company goes against our Terms of Service


  • gravity42vinh


    I started downloading the free trail, but then it froze, so I canceled the download. Now the FREE TRAIL - bottom doesn´t show up anymore. Now I downloaded the program anyway. But my ID and password don´t work. I can´t get in.

    Could you please help me out here?

  • US Designer Support

    Hi gravity42vinh

    We cannot assist with logins on the Community Forum since it is public. Please reach out to us directly on our Contact Us Page for further assistance.

  • bengiwilsoni

    Trying to download the .exe file but it's telling me that it will take me 24 hours to download 1.8 GB. I've run speed test across multiple devices, I've downloaded files from other websites that were larger with no issues. Any work around ? 

  • US Designer Support

    bengiwilsoniI There are a number of factors that can affect download speed, including bottle-necking on either our server or your internet connection. Unfortunately, the only solution would be to try again after some time passes. This is not much of a solution, but let us know if you have any luck.

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