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  • danielemanassero

    Have a look to this post 

    But if you want a result like the photo just create the waist band and the body part the sew them togheter

    I added bond to the waist band to reduce the waving effect at the attachement with the skirt part with elastic value is applied
    Clo tends to have problem when ther's is too much fabric to gather! ( here the skirt is 140 cm wide and the waist band 64)

    I tried to replicate the photo, for women.
    The waist band is the same, in this case there's not elastic in the waist pant side.


  • danielemanassero

    Hi @pranav,
    @Erica shows you how I made the skirt.
    I just made both belt and skirt in one piece each.
    Split them in two pieces help arrange them around the avatar, so it's a good suggestion.
    For the belt I use cotton heavy canvas fabric and applied 95% shrinkage weft value.

    You can also try to simulate the belt alone, and when you have the result you want solidify the belt and choose the percentage value that give you the best result( usually 80% is good)

    This fix the belt so when you simulate the total skirt the weight of the skirt don't pull the belt down.

    Let me know if this works.


  • Pranav

    Hi @erica and @danielenanassero

    It worked wonders! 

    Thank you soo much for the help. I got the band. 

  • Pranav

    Hey Daniele. 
    Thanks for the help?

    How do I create the waist band? I tried with the same fabric I always get the loose fabric in the centre. Can you help me out with the step step process of the waist band you have created?

  • Permanently deleted user


    I think @danielemanassero gives you a good point: "here the skirt is 140 cm wide and the waist band 64"

    You can simply create a rectangle pattern shorter than the skirt pattern's width :) 

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