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Enhancing Garment Rendering Quality: Normal Maps (+ How To: Create them in Photoshop)


  • danielemanassero

    Thanks, Amy very well explained.

  • pranavlodha

    Hey! Can you explain how to create normal map for Graphics? 

  • Amy Canavan

    Hi @pranavlodha!

    It works the exact same way:

    Open your graphic in photoshop (which should be a PNG with a transparent background), then do filter > 3D > Generate Normal Map

    In CLO you can also add normal maps to graphics




    IN CLO:

    First, add the graphic, then click the little icon with 4 Squares next Normal Map, and then set the intensity as you desire.


    Hope that helps! 

    Happy CLOing!


  • Rahul Verma

    Hey Amy, is there a way to reflect the depth in the texture on the edge of the garment?

  • pabloquintana

    Hi rverma. You mean the depth of a seam line or an open edge? For both cases you can show thickness. Can you elaborate on what you need?



  • Rahul Verma

    Hello pabloquintana, sorry I missed your response. I meant to ask if the uneven of the surface can appear from a tangent like a real seersucker fabric would do. If you look closely at a seersucker shirt, the silhouette would not be a straight line. I guess this is to do with the digital fabric not being flat but crumpled. 

  • pabloquintana

    Rverma, this posting from the beginning is about exactly adding the depth you are taking about.

  • sdiamond


    Is there a recommended solution / software to generate Normal Maps now that Adobe has officially dropped support for 3D features?


  • CLO Designers

    Hi sdiamond. The website suggested above by dorelle22 is currently what we recommend our clients to use

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