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couple of workflow comments/requests


  • Permanently deleted user

    Hey @dutchesse1,


    Thank you for the feedback and I'm very happy to see your active engagement in our Community! Thanks for making it more exciting!


    So, I have few comments for your feedback.

    1. Custom View setting. You can actually save the list of custom view and open the saved setting for a completely new file. Please take a look at relevant manual here.

    2. In regards to fabric rendering option switching back and forth, it seems working fine on my end. Would you mind explaining the exact steps to replicate the issue?

    3. For saving customized user setting, you can save the configuration setting or switch default project file as you need. However, it would be better if you can let me know exactly which settings you want to save. Would you please explain further on this?

    4. For Colorway, our developer said it is normal for speed to slow down when more options are added. For optimal image size, if you want the best image quality, please make sure neither of width or height exceeds 4096 pixel since CLO rescales any image that is larger than 4096*4096 pixels. As our program efficiency is proportionate to the image size, smaller the image size is, faster the program is. 

    For other feature requests, our UX designers will take them for consideration!

    Again, thanks so much for the feedback and hope to hear back from you soon! 


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