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  • closure

    It's the little things, always learning something new on here👍

  • dutchesse1

    That looks amazing ..., I am trying to put a sweater together at the moment but can't seem to make it look as smooth as what you have achieved here.

    It would be awesome if you could create a mini tutorial on the neckline alone (materials, settings, etc.)
    Or else perhaps would you be willing to share the garment file with the community so we can all see your settings etc.?

    I love CLO3D but besides the usual tutorials that show you how to sew something together along the main seamlines, there is still a big lack of the "small detail' tutorials.

    Anyway, looks great :)

  • corduroy reindeer

    dutchesse1, did you try to lower the particle distance on the neckline piece to 5? that's what usually solves the problem for me (or at least helps a lot!), especially on super narrow pieces :) 

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