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Graphic Print on Mesh fabric ...


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    CLO Designers

    lian3080 Please see the images attached. The Opacity Map is made up of white artwork in two different transparencies. Note the Alpha Mode. If you are still having issues, please post screenshots here so we can see.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hey, for now, I suggest you to edit the image with Photoshop :( 

    But, I will let our UX team to know about this need! I'm sure they already received similar requests as well.

  • dutchesse1

    Hi ottoline, thanks for your response :)
    I'm a bit unsure on what you describe (not a huge knowledge just yet but happily learning as I go). 

    When you say mask do you mean mesh black & white mask .. do I apply it on the main texture in CLO or in Photoshop? I managed to do it in Photoshop (as shown in the 2nd image) but the main reason I'd like this to happen in CLO itself is to see the effects of scaling up or down the mesh holes while designing a garment. There are performance fabrics with small holes but also ones with much larger holes each with a different visual aesthetic, having to adjust the fabric + mask each time in PS and then bringing it back into CLO is a bit cumbersome ...

    Is it possible to go in a wee bit more detail on the steps to take for the mask process you describe?

    Thanks so much in advance :)
    Hopefully, this community will be huge one day with tons of tutorials :)

  • gville

    dutchesse1... I know this is a old thread, but I am in the same situation, I am trying to have same effect, would you be so kind to let me know how did you do it in photoshop... thank you in advance

  • lian3080

    Hi dutchesse1 - we are having a similar problem I think...did you figure out a way by now? 

    we are having a graphic as positional print on a "meshy" kind of substance fabric .sbsr. All the maps applied to the print are working, but not the Opacity (.png both). It comes as white rectangular patch in gpu render.

    For sublimation print effect this opacity map would be very important to be working... Maybe clodesigner would have a suggestion for this?

    Thanks and appreciating any feedback


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