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The standard sizes of avatars.


  • Official comment

    Hi Vadsura!

    Unfortunately, both CLO and Browzwear don't specialize in Avatar technology. The Avatars you see in the Design in Sizes video are Alvanon standard forms that users have to buy separately. As far as I know, you would still have to buy each form directly from Alvanon in order to use them in any 3D software, so check them out for more info!

    Alternatively, we are looking into ways standard sized Avatars can be available for the CLO Marketplace to make them more accessible to our users, but the development is still a work in progress. Of course, every request we get is another push towards a specific direction for development, so thank you for your engagement and feedback! 


  • vadsura


  • mahmourashed

    Hi There 


    I tried to reach Alvanon and they told me to revert back to you regarding pricing

    can you kindly let me know how can i get the prices and if you are selling Alvanon Forms directly 



  • Clothe Creative

    I would also be interested in purchasing ALVANON avatars!  Any info on how/where to do this would be great:)

  • pabloquintana

    I do use MakeHuman to create avatars with standard sizes. Much more flexibility than with the native avatars from CLO.



  • allyshake

    Is there an update on the availability of Alvanon avatars. They have done a great deal of work on standardised measurements for various global markets and this would be very useful for Clo users. 

    Their website says:

    Virtual AlvaForm Key Features:

    - Exact 3D replica of the AlvaForm.
    - T pose and a regular arms down pose for seamless fitting in 3D.
    - Enable accurate fit standards across the digital supply chain
    - Accelerate design to market process
    - Eliminate costs from physical fittings and sampling in the early stages
    - Compatible with most 3D garment simulation systems (Browzwear, Lectra, Optitex, Gerber, Clo3D)

  • anhle

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the slow responses on this issue!

    As of now, the most updated info is that Alvanon is switching to a different platform for securing bodyforms, where users have to purchase and download directly from them. We were in a transitional phase, so the process was very confusing--I apologize for everyone having to contact multiple parties!

    The final process for getting forms now is to contact Alvanon directly and sign up for the new service, but I don't think it is open to non-Enterprise customers. This means that Alvanon may not be selling forms to freelance designers or users who aren't part of a company that works directly with them. The body forms will definitely work with CLO, but we are unfortunately not allowed to resell or share the forms with anyone. I understand this cuts off a lot of users from fitting on standardized sizes, but I hope with enough users (and us at CLO) letting them know about the need for forms, Alvanon will open up the service!


  • ikafx

    I contacted Alvanon just a few minutes ago (20 June 2019) and they said to go to this address to request access to their 3D Virtual Forms. I wonder how expensive they are. 

  • Clothe Creative

    Hello, I have also recently contacted Alvanon and they offered a free 1 month trial of their 3D forms.  I have got this up and running, however have not have enough time to play around with them yet..

  • pabloquintana

    Well guys, if you figure out what the cost is, let us know. We can save a trip to the Alvanon site just to get a ridiculous high quote. =)

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