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Learning Curve?



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    CLO Designers
    The learning curve differs from person to person. Some people get it very fast whereas others find it difficult. If you are a quick learner, you might be able to grasp core concepts within a week. Therefore, it is hard to estimate the exact time you need to spend to achieve a professional level. A quick guide on how one can start learning CLO:
    1. Start out watching and practicing the Beginner's Guide to CLO on YouTube or head over to the CLO Basic Apparel Course on Udemy.
    2. Once you are finished going through the videos, please practice draping different types of garments by difficulty levels.
    • Here is the suggested order: simple t-shirt --> simple dress --> shirts --> pants --> jacket --> outdoor jacket
    • If you don't have patterns, you can draft them on your own, use the patterns you downloaded for going through any of the courses linked above, or make use of the Modular Library that comes with CLO.
    • If you choose to use pre-simulated garments, try re-draping them after deleting all sewing lines. If you want additional variety, please explore the CONNECT Store.
    3. When you are confident about draping garments in CLO, try redesigning them as you please. To practice thoroughly, choose a garment image from any search engine and try replicating the same design in CLO by using default patterns. If you need help in expressing details such as elastic bands, ribbons, lace-ups, and more, please refer to the tutorials on the CLO YouTube channel, and if you cannot find what you need, please write up your question in the Q&A section or join and ask on the Discord channel. Other users will be eager to help you out!
    After going through the steps above, you will have become adept at using CLO!
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