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Setting up Illustrator files for CLO and Colorway Mode


  • dutchesse1

    Hi Astro, first of thanks for taking the time to clarify this process. I watched the 'what is new in 4.1' today and was excited to see the progress made when importing ai files.

    In your tutorial above, once you move on to the step where you change the 2nd graphic in Colorway you loose me as there is no further explanation of steps on how you got to the end result for the other 2 roses once you did the first one. I tried several things to do it myself but ran into some problems ... 

    1), Once one logo is in, it does not show up on the 2nd garment in exactly the same way i.e. Logo looks great on the white top but the pink it suddenly is scaled up to where only the A shows.

    As I was not sure what to do next I figured I needed to add a new logo in the pink top which then shows up wonky in the first one, 

    This resulted in the colorway section to show another graphic line versus in yours there is only one graphic line for the 'rose illustrator' graphic 
    Ugh, can't figure this out.

    It would be awesome if yo could revise the above tutorial by adding a bit more step by step explanations and imagery.
    Hopefully then I can get the same result as you have :) :) :) (Which I'm sure is much easier for the program to handle when there are less graphics to process)

    Thanks so much in advance 


  • dutchesse1

    UPDATE: I think I figured it out,  it has to do with the scaling ... as soon as you change the scaling setting for one the ones that follow will start showing out of scale

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