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UI Scale text, icons, graphic on HD monitor


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    CLO Designers

    tomsc thanks for reaching out. To change the resolution of your display, Apple Menu--> System Preferences --> Displays. Click the "Scaled" button and it will give you more options to choose from (image 1). If you do not have a Retina Display, you may have a list of options to choose from (image 2)

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi! Unfortunately, we do not have features to adjust our program resolution manually.. :( However, please hang tight as this feature should be added soon :)


    Meanwhile, I suggest you to lower your screen resolution while using CLO..!

  • dorelle22

    YIKES I am having the same problem. Please let us know what we can do I am anxious to try out the new 4.1.10 binding feature!! But Look. I cannot evn read the text.

  • dorelle22

    Hi Erica,

    Just letting you know that I am using a PC/Windows - This is not the issue on Mac. I recently switched from Mac to PC and now I saw this error. I know this will help you with coding.


  • alisone

    Hi! I'm having the same issue on my new laptop (Asus 15.6" screen NVIDIA 1050). I've tried running it on the higher processor and have the same results.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi guys!! Sorry for such inconvenience :(


    I suggest you to set your screen resolution to 1920 X 1080 while using CLO as it will show our UI perfectly!


    How to adjust your screen resolution

    in PC:

    in MAC: 

  • astro

    Hi all! Sorry to butt in, but I've found a work around for this without having to change your screen resolution! If you find the EXE file in your Program Files and right click to go to the "properties", you can override the scaling for just CLO in the Compatibility section (and I guess any other programs that are having this same issue).

    (Sorry for my bad screencap)

    You might have to change the dropdown from "Application" to "System". It worked on my computer so I think it'll be okay to test out on yours. It's probably because we all have 4K screens, which is great for amazing visuals but sadly a lot of software haven't caught up yet. I'm excited to see the new updates with CLO though..........

  • dorelle22

    This workaround is beyond appreciated and worked on my Laptop/Windows!!!

    Thank you @astro 

  • dorelle22

    there have been some updates that make this harder to locate see the below

  • alyvictoria

    THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! I have been trying to figure this out for forever!!! Hopefully, CLO can make some updates to future versions to solve this problem.

  • samangove

    OMG, thank youuuuu. My screen was set to the suggested resolution but I still had small text. I was considering other software because of this problem.

    After I overrode the high scaling DPI, the software doesn't load properly any longer. 

  • obz1

    Thank you so much! I brought three pairs of glasses in an attempt to resolve this issue.

  • tomsc

    Any tip about how to do this on Mac?? Thanks :)

  • tempire

    What. This is ridiculous. Don't claim to be mac native if you're not going to support font/icon size changes like _every_other_mac_application_. I'm hoping you do now, since this was pointed out 4 years ago.

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