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  • anhle

    Hi Merle,

    Sorry for the delayed response! What function were you using when the message appeared? If you were using the Edit Pattern tool to move points and nothing looks to be intersecting, then your pattern may have too many Curve Points and when you move the Segment Points, they actually cross the Curve Points. You can use the Edit Curve Point tool (V) to check and manually delete points or you can right click anywhere in the 2D grid and "Optimize All Curve Points" to clean up your pattern. Note that your pattern shapes may change slightly if you decide to optimize the Curve Points.

    Hope this is the solution! If not, then please share screen caps of what you are working on and I can help you from there.



  • fashiontex

    I received a similar message while tracing a pants pattern from an image.  “Pattern outlines and/or holes are intersecting” popped up as an information box while arranging the 2D pattern pieces for fitting on an avatar.  The pattern pieces are not moving to the appropriate location to complete the process.

    It would be helpful to know what this message actually mean and what it would take to fix it?



  • CLO Designers

    Hi fashiontex. Would you be able to add a few screen shots of the error message as well as what you are trying to complete, as well as let us know which tool you are using?

  • daiana


    I'm getting this error message when I'm trying to change the size from one size to another. Any advice?



  • CLO Designers

    Hi daiana. Thank you for sharing. With so many grades it is slightly difficult to see what is happening. But What might be going on is that one of the "holes" on the bottom waist band piece is not graded properly with the rest of the pattern. If the holes are not staying withing the bounds of the pattern for each grade it can cause an error.

    In cases like this a process of elimination can help. Removing the grade from some of the pattern pieces that you think might be causing and then see if you can switch between sizes. If you are able to go between sizes you then know that one of those pieces was causing the error and figure out which one from there.

    I hope this helps! 

    I also wanted to say that our Discord channel is another great place to go for help from CLO designers and other professionals in the industy


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