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Elastic Waistband


  • Amy Canavan

    Hi Chelsea,

    A few additional things you can try:

    1. Change the sewing line type to Turned along the top of the waist band (will reduce the puffiness)
    2. Change the particle distance to 5 - details will show better
    3. Use the same "Elastic" ratio for the bottom of the waistband and the top edge of the pant. Then, the gathers will translate evenly to both pieces. 
    4. Add definition of the seam by selecting the sewing and changing the 3D seamline intensity to make the seam between the waistband and pant more pronounced. 

    Happy CLO-ing! 


  • craesnyder2

    That all helps A LOT!
    Thanks Amy!

  • craesnyder2

    I figured it out, removing the elastic form the bottom of the waistband helps.



  • Amy Canavan

    Looking good!

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