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Avatar - Tan lines


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    Hi @dorelle11,


    Are you using an avatar from the 3rd party service? If so, you maybe able to edit UV image of your avatar to delete tan lines. And the same goes to CLO Avatars.

    1. First, you can find UV images by navigating Avatar (click it in the 3D window > Property Editor > Material > Texture > Browse button.

    If you click this button above, you will get file path like below.

    Once you find the file path, please open the desired UV image in Photoshop or other photo editing program and edit as needed, then save as .jpeg format. Please make sure to use different name to keep the original UV image.


    I edited one of the UV and applied to the avatar and it shows as below:

    Hope this helps!


  • dorelle22

    Thank You So MUCH!!!!

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