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  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Chelsea,

    Actually, zipper ends are meant to finish in 90 degree angle by default like pictured below.

    However, it is finished at an angle since the patterns don't have sufficient space for zipper to lay flat. Please adjust you pattern to provide space for the zipper.

    Please refer to the example below. 

    (original pattern)

    (modified pattern)

  • Amy Canavan

    Hi Chelsea,


    Adding my comment, as I was able to look at the project file you forwarded - the pattern has a space for the zipper, but it was sewn to the extension as well.

    At the moment, the zipper tool can not attach the tape to the bottom of an inset zipper. Your best bet is to create a pattern piece for the zipper tape. Then, sew it closed, and add a zipper pull from the hardware & trims library. 


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