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  • Amy Canavan

    Hi Craesnyder2

    These look like Box Pleats - so they're sewn correctly but the correct fold angles have not been applied correctly because knife pleats and box pleats need to fold in different areas. First step is to use the Pleats Fold Tool to have the pattern Simulate correctly:


    Once they are Simulated with the fold angles assigned, the rest is easy!


    1. Deactivate the pleat sewing

    2. Use the pleats fold tool over the same sections, but choose the option to Reverse Direction

    3. Stregnthen (right-click on the pattern piece and select stregnthen from the drop-down menu)

    4. Reset the 3D Arrangement of only the pleated piece (right-click on the pattern piece in 3D and select Reset 3D Arrangement (Selected))

        Tip: Move the piece slightly away from the waistband (or whatever it's pleated into) this will allow the pattern to fold before the sewing restricts its movement.

    5. Simulate, then Unstregnthen

        Tip: Use Select Mesh to manually select and manipulate sections of the pleat, if needed

    6. Select All Sewing (ctrl + A) with the Edit Sewing Tool and Activate sewing

    7. Simulate to join sewing that was deactivated before

    Let me know if you have any additional questions!


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