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Make Simple Avatars for Handbags/Accessories


  • astro

    5. Add a new Bounding Volume to your block Avatar, by clicking on the plus sign called out in the diagram below. The Bounding Volume appears in green in the 3D Window. Click on it with the Select/Move tool and use the Gizmo to move it to the center of your block. Then you adjust the size of it using the Avatar Editor so it surrounds the block entirely. 

    You can play with these numbers and decide for yourself what a good balance is.

    6. Add an Arrangement Point to the Bounding Volume by clicking the plus sign on the Point side of the Avatar Editor. You won't see this point on your Bounding Volume yet, because you have to assign to the Bounding Volume where it says Arrangement BV. Then you'll see your point appear. You can change where it lies on the Bounding Volume by adjusting the X, Y, and Offset sliders. The Wrap Direction determines how the pattern pieces will be oriented when you assign them to this Arrangement Point. 

    You can keep adding Bounding Volumes and Arrangement Points in this manner until you get enough. For a bag OBJ, I would say having Arrangement Points on all sides is handy so you can quickly snap your pattern pieces wherever they need to be. 

    Example of a more complicated bag Avatar:

    The bottom Bounding Volume is just very skinny. The Radius X is set to 0.03, so pattern pieces assigned to it will lie flat underneath.

    7. To save your Avatar and be able to use it again, go to File > Save As > Avatar.


    Hope it's clear! Good luck with your bags 👌

  • owls

    This is excellent - thank you Astro!

    Just what I was looking for, and very clear.

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