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Rendering options??


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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi! I'm glad that it is easy to use so far! I hope you already checked our manual regarding Render options. If you haven't, please check them out.

    There are total of three properties that you need to adjust: light, image/video, and render. Please check out key options for each properties setting below:

    Light Properties: Environment Map is the light settings processed as an image. Different Environment Maps express different atmosphere. I suggest you to play around and pick your favorite one :)

    Image/Video Properties: Color Correction allows you to adjust exposure and contrast as you would in Photoshop. Utilize this option to make the image brighter or have dramatic contrast bt light and dark areas.

    Render Properties: lower your Noise Threshold value to have clean final image.

    ** please keep in mind that when you increase the render quality, the final rendering time may increase as well.


    Furthermore, here's a quick tip! If you want to render metallic materials, leather, plastic or fabric types, please adjust fabric style's Material Type. useful manual is here.

  • obama

    Wow, thank you so much! I'll try everything out and try to look more at the manual. :)

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