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Creating an Avatar in Fuse or Make Human


  • Official comment


    Does your OBJ have texture files and an MTN file associated with it? Before uploading to Mixamo, you should ZIP all of them together (including the OBJ) into one folder and upload that ZIP folder as your custom Avatar to be animated. If you're using an FBX from FUSE, then make sure "Embed Media" is turned on when uploading to Mixamo. Then your final output from Mixamo will already have textures and you will not have to reapply them in CLO when you Import > FBX. Hopefully that solves your problem, but feel free to reach out again if it doesn't work like you want. 


  • anhle

    Hi again,

    I just wanted to clarify, since I got a chance to test a FUSE Avatar more indepthly. I see what you mean by pixelated now. It looks like it is a transparency/compatibility issue with the PNG texture images that are automatically generated by FUSE. They were saved as PNG-8 and CLO is only compatible with PNG-24 (the difference is that PNG-24s can support a wider range of color and transparency). To solve this, you have to open the Diffuse Map that is generated from the Mixamo export and re-save it in Paint or Photoshop as a JPEG or 24-bit PNG. You may have to do the same with the Specular and Normal Maps if you want to use them too. Then, delete the texture maps in CLO and reapply your new maps. Your Avatar should look the way you want it now. This is a work-around, but I am not sure how to change FUSE's export options for textures. 

    So maybe try both fixes and see if you get results! If you want, you can also send me your files and I can take a look. Let me know and I will create a support ticket for you. :)

  • dorelle22

    Thank you, Anh,

    I will try that again tonight!!! I think it might have been the "Embed Media" part that was missed.

    All the best.

  • nati


    I am trying to find the answer to my question and this is the closest Q&A that could relate to my problem. I had a custom avatar created that I want to use in Clo and I am having problems importing the files that were created for the hair to look realistic. The hair was created in ZBrush. 

    I was able to import the obj hair and texture in Clo but not the mtl (material) file. I've been told that I need to play with the specular color and map to obtain the shine and realistic features but I cannot find the specular color or specular map on the newest version of Clo.

    Is there a way to open and mtl file on clo?

    Where can I find specular color and map?

    Also, out of curiosity is the hair on the Clo avatars polygon hair or fur hair? is there a way to keep the hair and delete the avatar?

    I am sorry for all the questions but I am running out of solutions. Thanks.

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