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Fabric virtualization


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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi amychodorowski, unfortunately, we do not provide custom fabric virtualization service, but we opened a marketplace where you can purchase virtualized fabrics and they will be updated regularly.

    I have sent you a direct email regarding KES or FAST test results. Thanks!

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi ottoline,


    Unfortunately, we figured that KES and FAST test results are incompatible with CLO. I will add more explanation once I hear back from our developer.

    However, one good news is that, we are in the planning stage of custom fabric virtualization service! 

    We will inform all users once this service becomes available!

  • aquarelleoa

    Hi Erica,

    How can we import the fabric properties via Penelope (.mdb format)?

    Thanks a lot,


  • Permanently deleted user

    @vjoyenconseil, by Penelope, do you mean this program?

  • Permanently deleted user


    To answer your question further, KES and FAST test results are not compatible due to two reasons:

    1. measurements and units used in KES and FAST tests are different from those are used in CLO Fabric Kit

    2. standards to create test samples for KES and FAST tests are different from CLO.

    One thing I suggest is to find the closest material among default fabrics provided in CLO or purchase most similar fabric from Marketplace and adjust fabric properties to virtualize the fabric of your need.

  • Permanently deleted user

    The test sample's size is 20cm X 3cm for weft, warp, and bias directions. You can try converting the results, but I do not advise you to do so as we cannot guarantee the accuracy.

  • monikaite

    Is there still no way to add FAST or KES-F fabric properties into CLO3D? 4 years later


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