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Visiting the forum by users.


  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi zhanart!

    Firstly, yes, the website is monitored 5 days a week :) As I am not quite sure your last question, would you please clarify? Thank you!

    Also, we do have quite many users visiting our forum, but as we just opened the community, I think it will take some time for them to engage :) I hear you are so excited to interact with other CLO users as we are too, but hold tight! We are expecting more users to join us!

    We always appreciate your active participation!

  • zhanart

    Yes, Erica, thank you, you understood me the way you should
    But ... the second question was related to visibility, with statistics of visitors to the forum.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Thank you for sharing the picture. Although it is not comprehensible due to language difference, I'm assuming that you would like to see general statistics of the forum. However, we don't have any plans yet to show the statistics to end users for now :( Sorry!

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