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Making basic female bodice block ( no darts ) pattern


  • innovativehjhj

    Wow this is awesome! But for me, I have to create patterns with measurements.. Do you have some tips? I guess I will ask this question to Q&A too :(

  • closure

    @innovativehjhj If you want to create patterns from spec/measurements, I would recommend starting off by creating a rectangle shape using the rectangle tool (s). Dimensions should be 1/4 chest circumference by total length of your garment. Then from there, you can add offset internal lines to mark measurements and use the split tool (select by right clicking while editing patterns) to add points to shape your sloper.

  • innovativehjhj

    Cool! I will look into this! Thanks @closure

  • fopke

    This is exactly what I was looking for and could not find in any of the CLO tutorials. Thank you!

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