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Flattening Test 🤩


  • Official comment
    CLO Designers

    christhreadies You can adjust the by lowering the Skin Offset of the Avatar and the Add'l Thickness Collision of the Pattern Pieces.

  • innovativehjhj

    Wow! this is awesome!!! I gotta try out the flattening tool soon!!!

  • zhanart

    Cool! I, too, later, will continue the theme of the summer)

  • astro

    Yes please @zhanart! I need it to be good weather here like right now 😒

  • tsetinis

    hey @astro 


    first of all . really cool. and second how did you mange the fact that the peaces at the end always have slightly diferent line

    lengths ?

    i am super into the flatten peace as well. and i would be super helpful for any tips and tricks

    thank you and all the best



  • astro

    Hi @christo,

    I do have to fix up the patterns after I flatten them. The flattening is just to get the basic shape or show my idea, but I have to clean up my patterns in order to use them to make a sample.

  • christhreadies

    Hi All,

    How do you alter the offset of the pattern? Say you want a tight fitting garment?

    Cheers, Chris

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