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  • Official comment
    US Designer Support

    Posting solution here for future users

    Several points on the pattern made in Ai were overlapping, but not actually joined together. Points must be joined together to create a complete shape for CLO to read as a pattern

  • US Designer Support

    Hi. Please try to reply to the original thread in future.

    The photo attached is from autocad not Adobe Ai. CLO 3D does not support standard dxf files exported from AutoCad, but it does support dxf-aama and astm files. So if you are exporting from Auto CAD it must be ASTM or AAMA


  • adharacurumacopineda

    Hi, no. it´s not from Autocad it´s from Adobe illustrator.

  • US Designer Support

     just save the Ai file as normal . Then opening in CLO go through the File > Import > Adobe Ai/PDF.

    No need to export


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