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Topstich used as embroidery issue


  • CLO Designers

    Hi petiteivou,

    Could you make a screenshot of the 2D window with a topstitch tool active so we can see their placement? Hard to tell for sure without making tests on this file, but some guesses: topstitches here have issues visualizing where there is a sharp corner (I do not know the reason, but some of the visualization appear to come out of the corners), and regarding several ones so near to each other, have you tried having fewer internal lines but just setting the topstitch to having several lines? This requires less heavy computing.

    With segmenting or not segmenting the topstitch and flipping the sides of the placement, you can then achieve different results on identical internal lines.

  • petiteivou

    Thank you the indications. Here is a screenshots with topstich active.

    I retraced the internal lines to be parallels (without crossing) and it seems to work better and I am trying the multiple lines and it is ok with 2 in term of placement given the size of the embroidery.

    Thank you, Ivo


  • CLO Designers

    Can you determine whether the issues still occurring are wherever there is a cross/overlapping of internal lines, or does it seem random? What is the connecting trait between the topstitches affected?

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