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Rendering performance with rtx 3060 (12Gb GPU)


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    CLO TechSupport


    Strictly speaking, it depends on the garment project you are rendering and the properties of that garment.

    If your garment is light and simple, there won't be much difference in performance between CPU rendering and GPU rendering. However, for very complex and fancy garments -- such as fur, multi-layered dresses, and garments with very low particle distances -- GPU rendering will likely be superior in speed. Additionally, in scenarios such as turntable rendering that processes dozens to hundreds of consecutive images, GPU rendering will be superior in terms of processing speed.

    In theory, GPU rendering can be up to about 20 times faster than CPU, but according to our testing results, it is about 2 to 6 times faster for garment, which is mainly handled in CLO. And in extremely memory-intensive scenarios -- for example, rendering that requires more memory than your RTX 3060's 12GB of video memory -- CPU render may actually be a better choice. This is because CPU rendering uses your main memory. Again, rendering speed will vary depending on your garment and various properties.

    Lastly, there is one important thing. Max Render Time is a type of timer. After this set amount of time, the internal render engine will stop even if rendering has not been completed. This will result in rough, unfinished rendering results. Therefore, it is recommended to set the Max Render Time as long as possible.

    Hope this helps.

    CLO Techsupport

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