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  • CLO Designers

    Hi kuoture,

    Please describe the course of action that leads to this (internal line from scratch, or traced from a baseline, etc.), which version you are using, and an example file. This issue has not been reported previously as well as us not being able to replicate it. Thank you!

  • kuoture

    As I said, I wanted to add a parallel line to that baseline (just red). But I doubt that this is the true origin of the issue. And how should I actually know. I am asking you

  • CLO Designers


    Please let us know thy Exact steps you took prior to the pattern pieces re setting as we cannot re create this on our end. 

    What tool or option did you use to add the internal line? There are several options to do this so we must know which tools or clicks you used.

    Or if you are able to repeat this happening and can do a screen recording. As you know when bugs occur a screen recording is often the best option so our Dev team can see the steps taken and solve the issue

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