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Login won't accept "CloID" for trial


  • US Designer Support

    Hi c6d760d88a34b42dda88

    When logging please click login with CLO-SET 

  • c6d760d88a34b42dda88

    Sure, but that's for loggin into the website, right? I'm talking about logging into the OnlineAuth app.
    Speaking of which, it randomly decited to work this morning. Leaving everything untouched, it just somehow accepted the login data now.

    For anyone else with this problem, I reset all passwords (there are two passwords you can reset in your account settings) and used the random character string as the login ID

  • CLO Designers

    Hi c6d760d88a34b42dda88,

    We are glad it's working for you now! FYI, where to sign in with CLO-SET in the software login window:


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