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Problem printing the pattern


  • CLO Designers

    Hi taltal,

    The scale is correct, however, the PDF probably has additional space based on the pixel dimensions input (as far as I can discern, I cannot read the numbers, but we'll find a way :)). Can you try again with changing the dropdown menu to cm and making that fit your fabric roll?

  • taltal
    The problem was not there before, there is a size difference in Png, Jpg and PDF
    I've tried centimeters, pixels, inches, and millimeters all
    I always extract the pattern this way and have never had a problem, but now I can't match the size to the printer
  • US Designer Support

    Hi taltal

    Can you please forward the project file as well as your earlier attached screenshot to our Tech Support through our Contact Us Page HERE

    That way our team can take a closer look and see what may be happening

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