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Draping effect in fabrics


  • CLO Designers

    Hi virtuallytrendy

    For the Ruched velvet style adding Internal Lines and Elastic works well. But for the other pleated styles these have to be done more manually in CLO. Adding Internal Lines > Applying Fold Angles > Using tacks or sewing where needed. The reason the pleats tool may not be the best is the Pleats tool is nice and evenly spaced. But on the examples above there is often slight variation for each fold. 

    Also keep in mind that you may need to work in a regular 20 Particle Distance Resolution, but you will not get the best visual results till you go to Hi - Res.

  • virtuallytrendy

    Thanks for your help CLO Designers

    I've made a thick drape (attached photo, the one below), it's easy and requires no effort... but to emulate the thin drape, above all, of haute couture dresses type (attached photos), (the one above)... that's what I got, it's not bad... but it looks... maybe not very real... it looks more like a pleat.

    I used the following for the top one assigned to the folding of the internal lines:
    Fold strength: 100
    Fold angle: 360
    Visualisation: ON
    Particle Distance: 3

    It would be helpful if someone knows how to improve it...!!!
    It would also be nice if CLO could do some video tutorials on this !!!

    Thanks in advance.

  • US Designer Support

    Hi virtuallytrendy

    That is a great start!

    But as you mention it looks more like pleats. Which is why we mentioned you may have to manually draw the Internal Lines.

    For your Pink image on the lower half you can dd internal lines to the lower half to have more pressed folds, but make them more random

  • virtuallytrendy

    Very good, thanks for your comments... I will keep trying to improve it until I get the desired effect.

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