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Flatten Not Selecting All Pieces


  • CLO Designers

    Hi fiercekittenz,

    I cannot replicate the issue on CLO-native avatars, so it might be related to the custom avatar. Are both sides completely symmetrical, since it is working one one? On the side where it worked, had you also created a back drawing already?

    If it is only a "freak occurrence", as long as you can create on one side and make a copy of this pattern piece, the issue will ultimately not matter. It is just not that easy to investigate the exact problem with a custom avatar, as that would be outside of CLO.

  • fiercekittenz

    You're right! It was the model. I went back to Zbrush and Zremeshed the whole thing, then decimated so it wouldn't create a huge OBJ file. NOW it's great!

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