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loading pose problem after update "The end frame value should be higher than the start frame value."


  • CLO Designers

    Hi fonkski

    Are you using both a custom pose and a custom avatar?

    The above message normally would only appear for animations. I have tried to recreate the error on my end with custom poses, but have not been able to.

    If possible can you please send to us through the CLO Contact US page for tech support to take a closer look at. Please make sure to send any and all custom assets like the avatar and pose files

  • fonkski


    thanks for your reply... It should be a bug with the newer version... I downgraded to an older version and the poses load again.

  • owc2918

    Hi I am having the same problem and I had to downgrade to an older version.  @clo support, please take note of this bug.


  • CLO Designers

    Hi fonkski and owc2918

    our team is aware of the bug and working to correct this in a patch very soon

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