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  • sonja


    I'm struggling with a new feature, a new modular library.

    I'm following the instructions of the webinar. But my blocks are not stitched together after hitting okay. 

    For example, I made a block of my collar and collar stand and one block of my front and back body.

    The collar and collarstand are stitched together in the library, and the front and back are also stitched together, but the collar and collarstand are not stitched to my front and back body.

    I stitched everything again, but still not working.

    Can somebody help me?



  • CLO Designers

    Hi sonja,

    Would it be possible to provide screenshots of the pattern pieces with seamlines visible so that we can have a look?

  • sonja

     I think I solved the problem. I had a raglan garment and selected the front body but I had to select the front body (raglan). 

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