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Fur/ Terry Density & Segment Issue


  • CLO Designers

    Hi samadislam,

    The segment value will not contribute to increasing the amount of fur. It refers to the amount of segments along a single strand of fur, and would be of interest on e.g. longer and/or tapered fur, but not really to achieve the look of the samples.

    So leave the segment value on 8 and only increase the density. I have screenshotted examples of the increase on a piece of fabric, 999 is more filled than 645:

  • samadislam


    Thank you for guide.

    I tried as you described above but result is not achieving. I set the segments value on 8 (as default) & set the density from 645 (as default) to 999. See in screenshots below for the results.



    I want more density to show the design because currently the spider web's design is suppressing cause of less density? Or some another option I'm missing? Maybe?

    I need help here because I want to submit this on Target's Partners Online Portal/ Spark as a final test before 30th September, 2023 for overview the product online by Our International Clients in future/ after passing this test.
    Thats why this is very important for Our Company.

    Everything is ok in the design but just stucking in density in CLO, and not getting how to fix this.

    Your kind help will be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • CLO Designers

    HI samadislam

    Can you please share with us your current CLO user ID. It looks like you are not using an official version of CLO and this may be causing you to not achieve the results you are looking for

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