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I need to get a used and wasted fabric look


  • US Designer Support

    Hi. The best way to apply a distressed texture like this is to scan a true garment and then apply as a texture or as UVs. 

    We have a denim tutorial that shows this method on our Youtube HERE

  • luisa0258

    Hi, thanks for your answer. The video is useful! I want to take the opportunity to ask you, in that video you sent me, they squeeze all the patterns on the UV screen in a single square. Doesn't that take away quality of the textures? Should I spread the patterns through the squares but in bigger scale? I could really use your adivice! 

  • CLO Designers

    You can Use 0-1 which makes it easier or spread out over multiple UVs/ That is up to you. But overall you should not lose quality. It is importatnt to remember that you can increase the Pixels when Baking the Textures if needed

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