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Chainstitch at seamline bottom


  • jpreo

    So the right hand image is your workspace, correct?  It looks like the waistband is a double layer and the layers are back to back, as they would be IRL.  The chainstich provided with CLO is set up for a single layer waistband where the chain is only stitch 2 and is placed on the back.  That's fine for your outer band, but you want to swap those for the inner band.  You probably will use both configurations, so first make a copy. E.g. here's one way, this is a folded waistband, with regular chainstitch applied to the front half, and reversed chainstitch applied to the back half.  This may not be the way you want to do it, but it should help explain how topstitching works with fronts and backs.  (This is overkill because it is placing topstitching on the backs of each layer, too.)


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